What is SEO? And How to choose seo company in egypt?

by Samah Hesham

We all heard of SEO companies and we heard about some marketing techniques that not all people used it called : SEO.

So, what are SEO services? And How can we evaluate seo companies in egypt?

First of all, SEO stands for: Search Engine Optimization.

Second, It’s one of the most important marketing tools in the last decade which is being used in large companies regardless its field of business. Although, not all businesses used it well.

Maybe every seo company in egypt thought that marketing and sales are way important than searching for some keywords! But It’s not about some keywords searching, It’s a whole process that aim to rank your business as number ONE on the internet. Let’s know how in details seo works.

How does seo work?

Seo processes are not complicated but comprehensive, as seo has a great impact on increasing sales, building strong brand image, and also attract new customer to your business.

Characteristics and specifications of seo

1- Seo services work on listing your business name in the first search results of all search engines like: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

2- Through searching on the most popular used keywords in your business field, and then including them in your website. You guarantee your company existence in the first search results.

3- When somebody searches on those keywords that have been used by you and some other companies, he will then find yours ranking in the first results.

4- To guarantee higher ranking you should search on the most popular keywords used in your field, and use it more in your website, with keeping on the content quality.

5- After many clicks on your website link in the search results, your customers will be increased, and then sales. That’s what any seo company in egypt aims in the first place.

SEO’s impact on both small and large businesses

It affects both of them in different ways:

SEO for small start-ups:

Through increasing clicks for the site, increasing number of customers, and building a strong powerful brand image in less time than you could imagine. It helps you start your own business in a professional powerful way that proves on the strength of the project itself.

SEO for large corporates:

Not only small businesses that benefit from seo services, but also the largest brands use seo as a basic marketing tool in their businesses, as in fact it can keep the brand image as strong as it’s used to be.

And also using seo for this companies give an image of profession and high quality of the marketing team of the company, especially If they are a seo company in egypt, as here in Vadecom.

To sum up, we could say that general marketing is huge science, It has a little kid called: Digital marketing. As kid’s grown up, his needs and tools that feed him have grown up too. And If one of them has stopped or used in wrong way, that kid may stop growing up and evolving until somebody leads him to the right way at the right time to the right customer.

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