Choose the good logo – Custom Logo vs. Template

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Custom Logo vs. Template
Understanding what makes a logo good leads you to the next challenge. That is to find the best way to have your logo designed. The two top ways are having a professional logo design or using one of the websites that offer logo design from a template. To guide you in your decision, here are the pros and cons of each:

Custom Logo
To know which one you should decide on, it helps to understand what a custom logo is. It is designed by a graphic designer or a design agency specifically for your brand. This means that it is unique and one of a kind.

The Pros

1. Uniquely Yours
The best thing about a custom logo is its uniqueness. The designer will create it according to your brand specifics. It will reflect what your brand is about and convey the exact image you want to project.

2. Custom Fit
Not only will your logo be unique, but it will also fit all your brand’s narrative perfectly. When you get a custom logo, the designer will collaborate with you on how you want it done. You’ll have the one that stands out from your competition.

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The Cons

1. Highly Expensive
What makes business owners hesitant about getting a custom logo is the price. It can go as high as thousands, even millions of dollars, as what BBC can tell you.

2. Can Take Time
Having someone design your unique one can take a long time to get done. With all the considerations into creating a custom logo, this isn’t surprising. The designer has to consider many factors before they can come up with a logo worth the price you paid for.

As the name suggests, using this channel means getting a logo that came from a template. It is quite the opposite of the custom-made one, here’s why:

The Pros

1. Very Inexpensive
For small businesses or startups, a template logo is ideal. It’s cheap and gets the job done. You’ll be asked to choose from a variety of templates, then add your colors, fonts, or image, if you have one.

2. Simple and Easy
Finding the right designer for the job can be a tedious task. You have to go to platforms to find one after which you have to further vet for the perfect designer fit.. Looking at designers’ portfolio after portfolio become time-consuming. With a template , you just need to choose from different templates then add in your colors or font types.

3. Time Saving
Getting a logo from a template saves you time and energy. You won’t need to communicate with a designer which can take time. In just a few minutes, you can have it which you can use immediately.

The Cons

1. Lack of Originality
As expected with template logos, you won’t have much in the originality department. The website you choose may offer you thousands of templates and options for customization, but it isn’t the same. Among the millions of logos out there, there is a high chance, that you’ll get a similar one with someone else.

2. Offers No Reflection of Your Identity
A template won’t be able to provide you with the nuances that can make it distinct. It won’t reflect what your identity truly is.

3. Unprofessional
A template will be far from looking professional. This may be a concern once you see the importance of trustworthiness and authoritativeness in business.

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Which to Choose?
They both have advantages over the other, but to make your decision easier, you might want to look into this idea. Remember the logos we’ve shown above? What do you think these successful logos have in common? They weren’t made with templates

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