6 Tips for Logo Design of Your Company

by Eman Reda
6 Tips for Logo Design of Your Company

You think that all you need to design a logo is a computer and Photoshop, right? Well, think again! Designing the logo of any business or company, no matter the industry, is one of the crucial steps of any marketing plan. The design is the face of your company. It is the image and the message you want to send to your customers. It is also the visual identity of any brand, that can either make or break the whole brand image.

Talented and experienced graphic designers are in high demand. That’s due to their essential role in establishing the brand and making the first impression lasting. A design can have a real impact on customer’s purchase decision, or at the very least, how the customers feel about the product, whether it’s worthy of trust or not.

So, if you are considering designing a new logo for your company or business and you want it to be recognizable and creative, continue reading this article!

VadeCom reviews 6 awesome tips from graphic experts that will make your logo influencing and innovative like nothing you’ve ever seen:

  • 1- Be Smart And Unique

Not only products and services that distinguish you from competitors in the market. A logo design is what makes you different from any other competitor in the same industry as you are. So it is crucial for your not to blend or design conventional design. You must stand out! Think out of the box, of course without going to the extreme. The worst thing you can do is to copy or imitate someone else’s logo. It will make customers mistake them for you, and accordingly you will lose customers. So, always check the originality of your design!

  • 2- Embrace Your Brand

It is true that a logo is just a design or image, but at the same time, it is the face of your brand. Fully-understand the objective of your brand and also understand the minds of your audience! For example, if your targeted audience is children, consider creating an animated logo, which will deliver the message at once. The same one won’t work for a real-estate company, for example. So to sum it up, know what you clients aspire to, and give them exactly that!

  • 3- It’s All About Colors

Not the whole color palette can work just fine for your design. According to your business field, experts recommend a specific colors the work best for your logo design. For instance, bright colors, like red and yellow, can be great in a restaurant design since it attracts customers and opens their appetite, such as McDonalds. However, these colors won’t work with finance or law firms when professionalism and sophistication are the targets. The perfect colors for those would be blue and white. For example the LinkedIn Logo. Every color has a meaning, so don’t make the mistake of sending the wrong meaning to your clients.

  • 4- Use the Name of the Brand

Experts say that a simple logo, which is the way it should be, consists of a symbol and a word. It is true that some of the most famous brands use only symbols without any words like Starbucks or Mercedes. And it surely was great for the brand image and marketing. And some have only used the name of the brand as a logo, like CocaCola. However, this is not always the case. Many successful companies combine both the name and a symbol in their creative design, and it worked! Take Adidas for example, it is a worldly known brand that utilized the symbol of three lines along with the brand name. As simple and clear as it is, it is recognizable on all mediums and platforms anywhere in the world. If you also think of colors, Adidas choose black and white, it can’t get any simpler, right?   

  • 5- Success Doesn’t Come Overnight

You can’t create a logo and expect instant success! Things never work this way. All the iconic and worldly famous logos we know nowadays took their time to become recognizable by audiences. Even if you designed the most perfect one with all the right proportions and vectors, you have to give it time. Trust in your work and creativity, and success will find its way to you.

  • 6- Hire Help

Hiring the right company to create your design can be the right way to go. If you want a great logo with perfect designing standards, expert designers will guide you into finding the most suitable one for your type of business. You can choose from simple, 3D or animated logo. This is where the role of designers come in. They will help you decide on the right format of logo design after searching the market and the competitors’ logos.  

6 Tips for Logo Design of Your Company

6 Tips for Logo Design of Your Company

Have you created an awesome logo design for your company? Tell us what advice can you offer in the comments

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